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Chapter 13


New Philadelphia Bankruptcy Payment Plan Lawyers

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best way to get the fresh start you need, whether you are unable to qualify for Chapter 7 or need to save your home from foreclosure or have an unexempt asset that you want to keep. Filing will put a stop to creditor harassment and allow you an opportunity to achieve debt relief with dignity.

At Thrush & Rohr LLC, we have more than 30 years of consumer bankruptcy experience, and we are dedicated to our clients throughout Ohio.

What Is Chapter 13?

Chapter 13 is a dignified bill consolidation plan that allows debtors to repay their debts over a period of three to five years before having their remaining unsecured debts discharged. This is ideal for homeowners looking to prevent a foreclosure, as well as people who are unable to pass the means test for a Chapter 7.

In order to qualify for Chapter 13, you must have sufficient income to make the payments for the three- to five-year period. This is why Chapter 13 is ideal for individuals or families who have significant disposable income and want to protect assets that they may otherwise lose in a Chapter 7 liquidation.

Stopping Foreclosure

Filing Chapter 13 stops all foreclosure actions and allows people to include their mortgage payments and arrearage in the payment plan. This allows people with home equity to save their home and eliminate their other outstanding debts.

Stripping a Second Mortgage

If your first mortgage is higher than the value of your primary home, we will be able to strip away your second mortgage as part of your Chapter 13 plan. This is extremely beneficial to homeowners who took out a second mortgage to stave off debt and are now looking at 15 more years of payments on mortgages well in excess of their property value.

Contact a Akron Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

If Chapter 13 sounds like it may be right for you, we look forward to helping you move toward the fresh start you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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